A different holiday in Ibiza 2020

Europe is planning to open the borders on June 15th and many eager travellers are looking forward to spend some well-deserved time in one of safest travel destinations like Ibiza.

But what will your holiday in Ibiza look like this year?

First good thing? Expect no crowds and madness! This year will be all about chilling beach days, enjoying the nature, amazing Spanish food and the company of your closest friends & family.

And it doesn’t mean you’ll miss on all the fun. Yes there will be no clubs but the small private parties will still happen.

Or perhaps you and your friends want to host a private party yourself?

At EcoGecko Ibiza we know our island well and we will be happy to organize your holiday or event in a way that exceeds your expectations!

This year is the year to truly enjoy Ibiza and all it has to offer with the expert guidance of course!

Please get in touch and let us make your 2020 Ibiza trip an unforgettable experience.

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