February 3, 2022 /

Face painting Ibiza


During Eco Gecko parties for our beloved little ones, we like to use face-painting artists, who specialize on organic paints.

During the last birthday event in Ibiza we invited Mimi Mehndi.

Mimi Mehndi Is Ibiza based body artist specializing in temporary tattoos, bodypainting, and face painting. She is using only 100% natural, water-based inks and paints, which makes her performance not only a fun colorful experience, but it is also skin and environment-friendly. Temporary tattoos last 1-2 weeks and are done with jagua ink. Jagua ink is an organic ink made from a fruit called the Jagua. Unlike permanent tattoo ink which inserts pigment underneath your skin, Jagua ink is often used by South American tribes as a natural means of skin decoration and for other medicinal purposes. Face and body paints are 100% natural and water-based which makes them safe for your skin and are easily removed with water. You can choose tattoo designs and themes for body and face painting from the catalog or it can be personalized by a request.

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