Being crazy about local organic food, we cannot avoid sharing with you our favorite Ibiza products.


As huge avocado lovers we are constantly in search of a perfect avocado. The best ones we have found so far? The ones growing here!

They might be smaller in size but are much greater in taste.

Available in local shops during winter months.


Most of you have tried the figs from the supermarket. Nothing special, right?

Wait to you try this heavenly fruit straight from the tree. Time to enjoy them is late summer.

Our favourite types of figs are the green cracked ones.


Ibiza is one of those places with long cheese-making traditions. Our local cheese is usually a mix of goat and sheep cheese. It can be fresh, cured and mixed with local herbs and spices.


Tea of Life Kombucha is a delicious probiotic drink. With a solar-powered production facility and use of all-organic ingredients, they have been brewing in Ibiza since 2013 and want to support healthy nutrition and help create a balanced world.

Tea of Life is the best Kombucha we tasted so far!


What goes better with cheese and figs than wine?Ibiza produces a variety of fragrant organic wines, all of them amazing.

Olive oil

After trying our local olive oil you will be deeply and truly in love with it forever.

Aromatic and slightly spicy, it’s best enjoyed added to fresh salads or even just freshly baked bread.

Places to buy local products

With the massive increase of large supermarket chains in Ibiza it’s getting harder for small business to survive. We love to support small family-run local places that have been in Ibiza for years.

That’s why we are sharing this small selection of our favourite shops.

Fruteria in Sa Carroca

San Joan Market

Frutas & Verduras in Santa Gertrudis

Can Toni

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