We all know buzzing Ibiza during the hot busy summertime, but not everyone has had the pleasure to enjoy it during beautiful tranquil sunny winters.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Bike Routes & Hikes

Winter is the favorite season in Ibiza of sports lovers of all shapes and ages. Especially for those who love long picturesque hikes and bike routes enjoying beautiful views and fresh sea breeze.

Yoga retreats

Ibiza might be busy and loud in summer, but it’s all a completely different picture in winter. Tranquility, peace, nature, warm temperatures, beautiful sea views – what else can you think of for a perfect yoga retreat?

Magical Sunsets

Ibiza sunsets are always magical regardless of the time of the year. But in winter you can really enjoy it peacefully, without hordes of tourists. Being almost alone on the beach in Cala Compte watching the sunset? Yes, it’s possible in winter.

Winter markets

During the summer season, Ibiza hippy markets are more commercial-oriented. Winter is the time to truly understand them. Trip to a hippy market becomes an all-day activity where you meet local people, enjoy good music and positive vibes, and maybe find yourself or a loved one a handmade authentic gift. 

Almond blossom

January-February is the best time for nature lovers. Imagine fields covered in white and pink lace-like blossoms. The best place to enjoy this incredible natural spectacle is Santa Agnes.

Gastronomic delights

Long lazy lunches that slowly turn into dinners? This is what a classic winter day off for most gastro-lovers in Ibiza looks like. Even though the majority of the restaurants are closed, it’s those gems that remain open and attract the best-mixed crowd you need to look for.


Ibiza winter attracts amateur photographers who want to practice their skills using what the island has to offer: that special soft light, beautiful deserted nature, and clouds that you never see in summer. 

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